Here you'll find ideas for overcoming anxiety 

Because only when you befriend anxiety you gain confidence, find clarity of purpose and become your more productive self

I want you to reach out your full potential

Hi Im Ara-05
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I struggled with anxiety all my life until I found my way out. I created this blog as a friendly space to raise awareness about the struggles of mental health while sharing  ideas that inspired me (and many others) to feel better

Have you ever?

  • Procrastinated
  • Felt body tension
  • Experienced memory loss and difficulty to concentrate
  • Worried about money, weight loss or relationships

I did for many years. Without knowing all of it had a single root cause: anxiety. 

Lucky me, I had access to mental health support. My psychologist helped me to name my struggle, that's when I got diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). 

Oh my GAD!

Being able to name my struggle helped to get better. I invested time and money in therapy, CBT, mindfulness, healthy eating habits, journaling, etc. I researched and practiced all kind of techniques to manage anxiety.

It worked. I felt better than ever. But in my journey I discovered how little people around me knew about anxiety management. I saw many struggling. I shared my findings with family and friends. They saw results.

Then I couldn’t stop. Because I knew YOU were out there struggling as I did. I created this space for you to raise awareness about the struggle of anxiety while sharing the ideas and practices that inspired me (and many others) to feel better.

Once you understand how to relate with anxiety in a healthier way, you'll be able to gain confidence, find clarity of purpose and be more productive than ever.

Remember this is a journey not a destination. If you get tired or overwhelmed  that’s okay!! You can pause if you need it. In fact, my favorite way to pause is enjoying Chamomile tea.

What is yours?

Stay Curious, 

Sending my love and thanks, 


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