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Hi Im Ara-05
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I struggled with anxiety all my life until I found my way out. I created this blog as a friendly space to raise awareness about the struggles of mental health while sharing ideas that inspired me (and many others) to feel better

Here you'll find ideas for overcoming anxiety

Because only when you befriend anxiety, you gain confidence, find clarity of purpose and become your more productive self

I want you to reach out your full potential

I bet you already know, at least in theory, what you suppose to do, but for some reason you can't get yourself to do it!

Imagine you want to lose weight. You suppose to eat spinach rather than chocolate cookies. And somehow you find yourself eating those chocolates cookies over and over again. Well, the same can happen with the anxiety management practices. Intellectually, you know what to do but you can't change your behavior.

If this is your case, how can you get results?

I'll share the strategies, techniques and resource that helped me to get results: a friendly relation with my anxiety that led to more confidence, clarity and productivity.

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